Garlands made of Bangalore rose petals

Garlands made of Bangalore rose petals, instead of full flowers, embellished with glittering gold-coloured strings become very popular because it got people attention at Film Star Surya – Jyothika Marriage.

People started referring that Jyothika malai

Traditional garland makers string full flowers, however here Bangalore roses in different colours are used to make garlands, especially for bride and groom.

Normally, garland use traditional flowers like rose, marigold, sampangi, chamomile flowers and some leaves. Those garlands will be used to decorate gods, temples and marriage halls and to grace guests during private and public functions.

In Jyothika malai, cup-shaped rose petals are arranged in a circular row. It makes the wedding garlands more attractive. These garlands are embellished with golden strings and beads to make them gorgeous.

Jyothika Garlands (or Jothika garlands) made in five different colour rose petals are sold as a set. Garlands are made in pink, white, red, orange, and yellow rose petals.

The specialty is that each garland glows in a single bright colour. Five garlands can be used in different occasions of wedding. The quality of rose is very important to make this garland.

Investment is also high because it need at least 12 bundles of cut roses to make one garland. Locally grown traditional roses cannot be used for making this garland because they perish quickly. Special flowers from Bangalore and other decorating materials from Madura are used to create the Jothika Garland.

Jothika” garlands are in great demand during wedding seasons. Jyothika malai need to be ordered in advance. We ensure high quality and offer an array of designs for customers to choose.

We make garlands using ‘vetti ver’ (cuscus grass) and golden and silver tissue paper garlands to meet the changing preferences and the taste of buyers.

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